N3K 3-flue firetube steam boiler – the KESTAHL boiler

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General details
The current N3K boiler is the most advanced generation of the MNK boiler family. All its features have been designed to meet the most demanding regulations regarding environmental pollution (TALUFT) and energy saving, while retaining the same strength and reliability that has always characterized these boilers.

It is currently the most widely installed generator in Spain and is also the basis, with certain modifications according to current regulations in each country, of our exports to Europe, its design and manufacture being inspected and approved by both the German TÜV and the French DRIR.

Its most important design features are:

  • Straight and corrugated flue according to size; large to optimize combustion and maintain low levels of pollution.
  • Optimal distribution and size of tubes in flues in order to obtain a perfect circulation of water inside the boiler.
  • Increased volume of steam chamber for high titer steam.
  • Fully water-cooled rear gas reversal chamber, a basic requirement for a long service life and minimum maintenance costs.

For special applications requiring pre-heaters, steam super-heaters and special features, SOGECAL S.L. also offers a range of MNK SUPER CEN93 boilers, whose features we can provide on request.






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