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The principle of the tubular hearth boiler is the oldest and most traditional applied in the construction of steam boilers. Over time, thanks to the technical mastery of cylindrical shapes, improvements have been made to all the possible combinations between heating surfaces and gas and water circulation in order to take the greatest advantage of the heat from fuels.

For maximum performance, in the evolution of the design of firetube boilers, gas flues have been added, leading to the development of two, three and even four-flue boilers. Of these, the three-flue version is the one that has spread most worldwide due to both the high performance achieved and to its great versatility, the key to its application in almost all processes where high reliability together with high energy efficiency is required.

After technically analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of all firetube boiler designs, SOGECAL S.L. has been building these boilers for over 20 years under the KESTAHL brand.


These boilers are installed horizontally, with three flues, internal hearth and rear refrigerated hearth chamber. This type of boiler with yields of up to 30t/h covers virtually all the needs of industrial steam both for its high performance and its low cost, low maintenance and ease of use.

The KESTAHL boiler is manufactured in three basic versions:

  • NCK: compact boiler with flame inversion in the hearth.
  • N3K: boiler with one centred hearth.
  • MNK-2H: two-hearth boiler.

The application of any of these depends on different factors, such as: the type of fuel and combustion system, the steam or thermal requirements and the availability of physical space for their installation.

Using the appropriate combustion equipment, our boilers can use virtually any liquid or gaseous fuel and solid fuel with a particle size of less than 25 mm and a moisture content of up to 20%.

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