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General details
Sogecal three-flue boilers for yields of 16 T/h to 30 T/h of steam or 10 MW to 20 MW. In superheated water, they are designed in two-hearth version.

This type of design is determined by the current European regulations concerning thermal load limits in hearth pipes and low NOx in combustion.

The arrangement of hearth tubes and flues inside the boiler ensures uniform generation of steam and completely stable water circulation on the inside, providing long life to the boiler.

Its constructive design features the completely independent maintenance of the three flues from the burner to the chimney and the provision of rear inversion chambers completely fully cooled by the water in the boiler.

According to the thermal applications, they can be provided with different elements such as superheating systems, economizers and combustion equipment for any liquid and/or gaseous fuel used today.

The combustion equipment can be regulated and operated independently thanks to the construction principle of the MNK-2Hs (two independent boilers within a single casing), which allows operation with a single hearth tube in the case of low or medium demands or failure or maintenance of a burner. This mode of operation is included within the three-year guarantee provided by SOGECAL, S.L. for the pressure body.





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