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The current “N” model of ORBUS heat transfer fluid generators is based on the SOGECAL S.L.  Technology obtained in the previous ORBUS generator designs and on the extensive experience in KONUS type generators, incorporating the latest technological knowledge on heat transfer in dense fluids with forced convection and turbulent flow.

The sizing of the combustion chamber allows heat flows to be relatively low, ensuring that the temperature of the heat transfer fluid film does not exceed the recommended operating limits of the fluid.

The ORBUS-N three-flue generator, with hearth with heat transfer by radiation and two flues with convection heat transfer can be supplied in vertical and horizontal versions, according to the spatial requirements of the boiler room.

The advanced design of the ORBUS-N generator achieves high performance with maximum utilization of the energy supplied by the fuel used.

Combustion takes place in the hearth, of suitable dimensions to accommodate the flame, transmitting the heat to the oil mainly by radiation.

The flame ends before reaching the rear chamber of the hearth, where the gases turn to enter the second flue, circulating to the front and from there to the back, through the third flue. In these last two stages the heat is transferred mainly by convection along the entire surface of the tube.

The unit is equipped with: heat transfer fluid circulation pump with the flow adjusted to the boiler output; differential pressure switch to ensure that there is no heat input if there is no circulation of fluid; electronic temperature transmitters with digital indication thereof, for control and regulation of the heat input, and pressure gauge to control the forward and return pressures.

SOGECAL S.L. does not only supply the generator, but is able to assist clients in everything related to the installation of the Boiler Room, heat transfer fluid distribution circuits, consumer equipment, heat exchangers, temperature regulation, variable temperature networks, circuit cooling, etc., as well the complete installation of the equipment supplied.


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